Efter træning
We usually drink a beer after practice in the clubhouse at the fields.

Welcome to Copenhagen Lacrosse

Copenhagen Lacrosse was the first lacrosse club in Denmark. The club was founded in Copenhagen in early 2002 by a group of people who wanted to bring Canada's national sport - also known as "the fastest game on two feet" to Denmark.

Even though Copenhagen Lacrosse is still a relatively new club, we have great ambitions both in terms of developing a highly competitive team but also in terms of creating a fantastic club atmosphere where members have pride in their club, and not only for its hard work on the field.

Want to play?

Both new and experienced players are welcome to join out team. If you're new to lacrosse then search the web for more information on the sport. There is plenty of information about the sport out there. Experienced players will find that lacrosse in Denmark is still a small sport, so the level of lacrosse is not as high as you might be used to. Denmark is ranked about number 10 in Europe and 16 in the world which means that there is room for improvement, but new players won't have a hard time catching up.

Write an email to us if tou want to know more.

Membership fees

All sports in Denmark (beside pro sports) are club sports, managed by the members themselves, and funded by membership fees. Small sports, like lacrosse, don't get a lot of support by sponsors and the community so for us the only income is the membership fees. All fees are used to rent fields, pay tournament fees and buy new equipment and balls. Nobody in Copenhagen Lacrosse earn money to do work for the club - not even coaches or board members. They even pay the membership fee like everybody else.

Because of all the free work the membership fee is quiet low. It's 250 DKK for 3 months. Exchange Students gets a discount and only have to pay 250 DKK for the entire stay in Denmark (6 months). Compared to other lacrosse clubs this is cheap, and compared to other sports it's very cheap. Soccer is about 1.500 DKK a year, American Football is 2.000 DKK a year and Hockey is 2.500 DKK a year.


During the summer we have two weekly practices. If you don't have your own equipment you can borrow some from the club. You just have to put it back in the equipment room after practice.

During the winter season we usually have one weekly indoor practice.

We practice in Valby Idrætspark. All practices are in our calendar.

See map and directions for the fields


Both the womens and mens team participate in the DLL (Danish Lacrosse League). In the summer season we'll have about two games a month. Besides the DLL we'll also play tournaments. Usually one or two box tournaments in the winter and one or two big tournaments in Berlin or Amsterdam in the summer.

Copenhagen Lacrosse will pay all tournament fees.

Udstyrsrum Udstyrsrum
Equipment room in Valby