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09/08-2012 Copenhagen Lax Cup this weekend

From Friday we'll play Copenhagen Lax Cup. We are playing teams from US and Norway. Please come out and support us.

We are playing as DK

14:00 DK v Revolution
15:30 Starz v DK

13:00 DK v Oslo 1
16:00 DK v Oslo 2

Sunday is playoff day. Scchedule depends on our previous games. We'll probably play at 11:00 and then one more game later same day.

11/06-2012 CPH LAX won in Berlin Open

After 3 days of games in Berlin, Copenhagen Lacrosse finished 19th out of 20, thanks to a great finish against a German all star team. We faced some really tough teams in the Round Robin games where we played the German national team (finished 2nd), the Crease Monkeys (finished 1st) and BLAX (One of the best German teams), so it was no soprise that we didn't finish high in the table.

The Crease Monkeys will be a memorable game. The team was loaded with US Pro's, and it was a really great experience to play against them. The game ended 14-4 which was actually a pretty good result.

08/05-2012 Ny bestyrelse i Copenhagen Lacrosse

Copenhagen Lacrosse har fået ny bestyrelse.

Formand: Svend Terkelsen
Næstformand: Morten Landgren
Kasser: Stefan Klarholt
1. bestyrelsesmedlem: Magnus Dreyer
2. bestyrelsesmedlem: Morten Hansen

Tillykke med valget.

23/04-2012 Lacrosse event in Herning on Saturday

Herning Honey Bees would like to invite everyone for a LACROSSE DAY! The event will take place all of Saturday 28th of April and if the weather allows it will be taken place out door. Both females and males are invited. The event is free, the only thing you have to pay is food and drinks.

For more information click on the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/358421897527671/

17/03-2012 LaxFactory Champions

Today Copenhagen Lacrosse won the LaxFactory tournament. The tournament included a great win over the rivals from Kfb Raiders. Even though we were down by 3-1 at half time we pulled of a 3-5 victory.

This was a great way to finish off the winter season! There is now two indoor practices left before we start the outdoor season.

14/12-2011 Christmas break

We'll have a christmas break from monday 19th. First practice next year will be Monday 9th of January.

07/10-2011 Party tonight!

We'll meet up for one beer (or more) at Guldhornene arround 8 p.m.

Vestergade 20, 1456 København K


03/10-2011 Indoor Practice Starts Today

Today we'll start up the indoor season in Valby-Hallen. We'll practice each Monday from 21:00 to 23:00.

The sddres is:
Julius Andersens Vej 3
2450 København SV

29/05-2011 NCAA Finals Party

Below is an invitation from DLF:

Tomorrow, Monday May 30th, the NCAA (US college) Lacrosse Championships are being shown at 2130 on ESPN. We will be meeting at Hard Rock Cafe after practice. The 'Tivoli Room' in the back is reserved for us and will be watching the game on the big screen. They have agreed to give us Happy Hour prices, 2 for 1 on all drinks, during the game!! (and hopefully after!)
The Final is between The University of Virginia and The University of Maryland. It should be a great game, both of these teams have fought in the post-season to make it to the final. Virginia ranked 7th and Maryland unranked, both have something to prove for their programs prestiege!

17/04-2011 Danish Lacrosse League - 1st weekend

We played the first 3 games of DLL this weekend.

Saturday we beat Aarhus 12-2 and straight after that game we lost to KFB 4-2. We were tiret but we had the chance to tie for 3-3 in the end, instead they got a fast break and closed the game.

Sunday we played KFB again and this time we ruled the field. Our defence had a quiet day in the office with all the action going on at the KFB half of the field. We didnt manage to score a lot of goals and KFB had a great first half so we only won 5-3 after overtime.