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05/12-2009 Girls won in Sweeden

The CPH LAX girls won another tournament in sweeden this Saturday! They dominated the indoor tournament and won all their games. This is the 3rd tournament victory in a row for the girls and they havent lost a single game in more than a year now.

30/11-2009 Player of the Year

The two players of the year were announced last night at the annual Christmas party.

Ditte Holst was named Player of the Year for the women’s team. She received the nomination because of her organizing, playing leadership and sacrifice for the team.

Jacob Bonde was named Player of the Year for the men’s team. He received the nomination because of his excellent results in DLL where he was MVP and number 1 on the top score list. He’s also done a great job as assistant coach.

26/11-2009 Lacrosse game out for Xbox

College Lacrosse 2010 is out now for Xbox Live.


30/10-2009 DLL High Score

The Danish Lacrosse league finished last month with Copenhagen Lacrosse taking back the trophy from KFB. It was no doubt a great team effort, but we also finished up having 3 players in the top 5 spots on the high score list:

#1: Jacob Bonde: 2 assist, 15 goals
#2: Bo Bennekov: 6 assist, 10 goals
#4: Martin Baadsgaard: 2 assist, 12 goals

We only had two players in top 15 penalty times: #7 Simon kofod (04:30) and #10 Bo Bennekov (04:00)

All DLL stats are available here:

02/10-2009 CPH LAX on 24 timer front page

Copenhagen Lacrosse is on the front page of a major newspaper today, with the headline "Lacrosse - fuld fart og blå mærker" (Full speed and bruises). Inside the paper there is a two page article about lacrosse.

You can find the free newspaper on any train station and here: http://www.e-pages.dk/24timer/2082/

Here's another version of the article (same text):


27/09-2009 DLL CHAMPIONS!!!

The Copenhagen Lacrosse men’s team won the Danish Lacrosse League 2009 after a comfortable win against the guys from Århus. Check out the celebration pictures in the images section of the website.

This round off the 2009 outdoor season. And besides the DLL championship and the girls’ tournament victories in Sweden, we also had some solid performances by some individual players. Katka was named World Cup MVP (selected by national team coaches), Duygu was named World Cup Rookie MVP (selected by national team coaches) and Jacob was named DLL MVP (selected by the DLL teams). Let’s see who’ll get the Player of the Year award at the Christmas Party.

26/09-2009 DLL weekend

This weekend CPH LAX could take home yet another trophy. And this time for the boys. We're playing KFB Saturday at 12:00 and Århus Sunday at 12:00. It's not going to be easy, so please show your support and come out to cheer for us.

23/09-2009 Pictures and videos from Lund

Pictures and videos from the Lund Tournament can now be found on the Copenhagen Lacrosse website.

20/09-2009 CPH LAX takes home another trophy

The CPH LAX girls are really dominating the Scandinavian lacrosse scene with another tournament victory in Sweden. The girls played really well and won all their games with a big margin,

The men’s team played too, but didn’t finish in the top 3. Highlights were a victory over a team from Oslo, and a 1 goal loss against Sundbyberg based on a bad referee call.

17/09-2009 Winter season practice

CPH LAX will start the winter season practice October 5th in the old Valby Hallen – the big yellow brick building. It’s from 21:00 to 23:00 each Monday. For some this is a great time and others can’t make it, but it’s the only indoor field we can get.

We’ll still play outdoor Wednesdays as long as it’s not too dark, and for that reason the mens practice has been moved from 18:30 to 18:00 for the rest of the outdoor practices this year.

During the winter we’ll also have some Saturday practices in Fælledparken whenever the weather is fine.