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16/08-2009 CPH vs Arhus

I dag slog CPH LAX Århus 12-3. Stefan Klarholt blev kampens spiller med en række flotte mål.

KFB, vores rival, slog "kun" Århus 10-5.

15/08-2009 CPH vs Odense

CPH LAX slog Odense 17-2 i dag i Århus.

12/08-2009 Players needed for games in Århus

CPH LAX is in desperate need for players this weekend. We're playing one game Saturday at 16:00 against Odense and one game Sunday at 11:00 against Århus. We'll probably go by car and split the cost. We'll sleep in a gym hall or private accommodation.

If you can not afford the transportation right now you can pay later when you have the money.

We just need a few more players, but if we can't put a team together we'll loose the DLL trophy to KFB because we'll have to forfeit the games. Please contact us at info@copenhagenlacrosse.com if you can help us out.

11/08-2009 New field location

Our field in Valby has been moved. The rest of this outdoor season we will be playing and training at a field one hedge further away from the club house.

This means that you have to walk a bit further, but on the positive side the field is better and not as close to any bushes, so we should loose fewer balls.

To find the new field, head for the old field and just continue along the wire fence until you pass the next hedge. The first field there is ours. It has all the lacrosse lines, so it should be easy to recognise.

31/07-2009 Beach Lacrosse August 22nd

Last month we had a great tournament on Amager Strandpark with more than 25 people showing up. It was a big success and everybody had fun.

So we'll try to do it again! It will be saturday 22nd of August from 12:00. We'll devide some teams and set up a a small field. Rules will be modified girls rules and we will use small goals and soft balls. The men will not be allowed to wear any protective gear and longpoles are not allowed.

After the tournament we will set up a BBQ, so bring your own food and drinks. If the weather turns out bad we'll cancel.

15/07-2009 Mens National Team Practice

Here's the schedule. All are more than welcome to join practice. Even if you are not planning on, or if you are not a danish passport holder. The more we are, the better practice will be.

Saturday 18th - 12:00 3 hour practice - Valby Idrætspark
Sunday 19th 12:00 Scrimmage - Valby Idrætspark
Monday 20th 18:30 2 hour peactice - Valby Idrætspark
Tuesday d. 21st 18:30 2 hour peactice - Valby Idrætspark
Wednesday 22nd 18:30 2 hour peactice - Valby Idrætspark
Thursday 23rd 18:30 2 hour peactice - Valby Idrætspark
Friday d. 24th CPH CUP. Schedule T.B.A. - Kløvermarken
Saturday d. 25th CPH CUP. Schedule T.B.A. - Kløvermarken
Saturday d. 25th Time T.B.A (depending on CPH CUP schedule) -
Sunday d. 26th CPH CUP. Schedule T.B.A. - Kløvermarken

07/07-2009 National Team Practice

Now its time again.
We're preparing for the World Championship 2010 in Manchester - so gentlemen, get ready to play lacrosse. We are having Coach Parker coming to Copenhagen from July 17 until the 27th. He will be here to prepare anyone who's interested in being part of the National Team. Everyone is invited to come and have a fun and a good lacrosse experience. The Team is not set, so everyone has a chance to get on the Team. Show up to practices and have a good time. If you don't know wether or not you want to be part of the Manchester trip next year, but still would like to play some lacrosse, join us anyway!

See the calendar for the practice schedule

25/06-2009 Girls close to 13th place game

The girls were so close to beat Austria. Denmark was in front by two goals, but at half time the score was 7-7. In second half it was Austria who was leading, and even though Denmark had some great goals in the end they lost 10-9.

Denmark will play Korea again friday.

22/06-2009 The girls beat Korea

The girls won their first game today against Korea 15-2. Although they’ve lost the first 3 games against Austria, Iroquois and Holland they’re showing great improvements from the European Championship in Prague.

18/06-2009 Austria- Denmark 14:7

Denmark played their first game against Austria today. The girls got of to a bad start and were down by 4 goals, but they stayed close to the Austrians and it actually seemed like the girls could turn over the game and win, but unfortunately in the end they lost.

All the games can be viewed live from this website:

The official World Cup website is here: